296-56-60048 - Hazardous atmospheres and materials

296-56-60048. Hazardous atmospheres and materials


This section applies to all machines in your workplace. Your responsibility: To protect employees from hazardous atmospheres and materials in the workplace.

You must meet the requirements... in this section:
Hazardous cargo WAC 296-56-60049
Handling explosives or hazardous materials WAC 296-56-60051
Hazardous atmospheres and substances WAC 296-56-60053
Carbon monoxide WAC 296-56-60055
Fumigants, pesticides, insecticides and hazardous preservatives (see also WAC 296-56-60049, 296-56-60051 and 296-56-60053) WAC 296-56-60057
(Adopted by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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