296-56-60070 - Cargo handling gear and equipment

296-56-60070. Cargo handling gear and equipment


This section applies to all cargo handling gear and equipment in your workplace.

Your responsibility: To protect employees from cargo handling gear and equipment hazards in your workplace.

You must meet the requirement... in this section:
House falls WAC 296-56-60071
Miscellaneous auxiliary gear WAC 296-56-60073
Cargo boards and other type pallet boards WAC 296-56-60075
Powered industrial trucks WAC 296-56-60077
General rules applicable to vehicles WAC 296-56-60079
Multipiece and single-piece rim wheels WAC 296-56-60081
Cranes and derricks WAC 296-56-60083
Crane load and limit devices WAC 296-56-60085
Winches WAC 296-56-60087
Conveyors WAC 296-56-60089
Spouts, chutes, hoppers, bins, and associated equipment WAC 296-56-60091
Certification of marine terminal material handling devices WAC 296-56-60093
Advisory crane certification panel WAC 296-56-60095
Unit proof load test and inspection WAC 296-56-60097
Examination and inspection of cranes and derricks WAC 296-56-60098
Hand tools WAC 296-56-60099
(Adopted by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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