296-56-60108 - Personal protection

296-56-60108. Personal protection


This section applies to all personal protection equipment in your workplace.

Your responsibility: To protect employees from hazards in your workplace.

You must meet the requirements... in this section:
Eye protection WAC 296-56-60109
Respiratory protection WAC 296-56-60110
Head protection WAC 296-56-60111
Foot protection WAC 296-56-60113
Other protective measures WAC 296-56-60115
Payment for protective equipment WAC 296-56-60116
Maintenance and load limits WAC 296-56-60117
Protection from falling WAC 296-56-60119
Minimum safety requirements for docks and dock facilities WAC 296-56-60121
Access to vessels WAC 296-56-60122
Guarding of edges WAC 296-56-60123
Clearance heights WAC 296-56-60125
Cargo doors WAC 296-56-60127
Platforms and skids WAC 296-56-60129
Elevators and escalators WAC 296-56-60131
Manlifts WAC 296-56-60133
(Adopted by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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