296-56-60147 - Elevator doors

296-56-60147. Elevator doors

You must provide elevator car doors on all elevators, except on fully enclosed hoistways equipped with hoistway gates and enclosed from the top of the hoistway opening to the ceiling on the landing side.

(1) Car doors may be of solid or perforated construction and must be capable of resisting a seventy-five pound thrust without deflecting one-quarter inch.

(2) Car doors may be biparting or otherwise horizontally swung provided the door swings within the elevator car.

(3) A positive locking latch device which resists a two hundred fifty pound thrust must be provided.

(4) Interlocks or mechanical locks and electric contacts must be provided on cars operating in open hoistways.

(Amended by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040 and 49.17.050. 86-03-064 (Order 86-02), § 296-56-60147, filed 1/17/86; 85-01-022 (Order 84-24), § 296-56-60147, filed 12/11/84.

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