296-56-60179 - Manlifts - Hand power

296-56-60179. Manlifts - Hand power


This section applies to the installation, design, and use of all one-man capacity, hand power counterweighted elevators subject to inspection under RCW 49.17.120.

Your responsibility: To protect workers from hazards associated with hand power manlifts in your workplace.

You must meet the requirements... in this section:
Scope and application WAC 296-56-60180
Hoistway landings WAC 296-56-60183
Hoistway clearances WAC 296-56-60185
Habitable space under hoist-ways WAC 296-56-60187
Hoistway guide rails WAC 296-56-60189
Buffer springs and over-travel of car WAC 296-56-60191
Car specifications WAC 296-56-60193
Counterweights WAC 296-56-60195
Sheaves WAC 296-56-60197
Hoisting ropes WAC 296-56-60199
Operating rope WAC 296-56-60201
Lighting WAC 296-56-60203
Overhead supports WAC 296-56-60205
General requirements WAC 296-56-60207
(Adopted by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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