296-56-60189 - Hoistway guide rails

296-56-60189. Hoistway guide rails

(1) You must make sure there are a minimum of two opposing guide rails extending to a point six inches beyond the full height of travel of the car when the counterweight buffer is fully compressed.

(2) You must make sure all rails are attached by bolts, lag screws or other approved methods to a vertical supporting member which does not exceed one-half inch deflection with the application of a two hundred fifty pound horizontal thrust at any point.

(3) You must make sure wood guide rails are at least one and one-half inch by one and one-half inch vertical grain fir or equivalent and must not vary more than three-sixteenth inch in thickness on the sides which the brakes contact. All joints must be kept smooth and even.

(Amended by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040 and 49.17.050. 86-03-064 (Order 86-02), § 296-56-60189, filed 1/17/86; 85-01-022 (Order 84-24), § 296-56-60189, filed 12/11/84.

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