296-56-60229 - Sanitation

296-56-60229. Sanitation

(1) You must meet the following requirements for washing and toilet facilities:

(a) You must provide accessible washing and toilet facilities sufficient for the sanitary requirements of employees. The facilities must have:

(i) Running water, including hot and cold or tepid water (when cargo handling is conducted at locations without permanent facilities, containers of potable water may be provided in lieu of running water);

(ii) Soap;

(iii) Individual hand towels, clean individual sections of continuous toweling or air blowers; and

(iv) Fixed or portable toilets in separate compartments with latch-equipped doors.

(b) Separate toilet facilities must be provided for male and female employees except when toilet rooms are occupied by only one person at a time. A means of locking must be provided.

(c) Washing and toilet facilities must be regularly cleaned and maintained in good order.

(2) You must meet the following requirements for drinking water.

(a) Potable drinking water shall be accessible to employees at all times.

(b) Potable drinking water containers must be clean, containing only water and ice, and must be fitted with covers.

(c) Common drinking cups are prohibited.

(3) You must prohibit consumption of food or beverages in areas where hazardous materials are being stored or handled .

(4) You must prohibit work from being conducted in the immediate vicinity of uncovered garbage or in the area of overboard discharges from the vessel's sanitary lines unless employees are protected from the garbage or discharge by a baffle or splash boards.

(Amended by WSR 15-24-102, Filed 12/1/2015, effective 1/5/2016)

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