Wash. Admin. Code § 296-835-13010 - Meet specific requirements if you use electrostatic equipment

Current through Register Vol. 21-18, September 15, 2021


(1) Provide safe electrical equipment.
(a) You must make sure electrodes in your equipment are:
(i) Substantial;
(ii) Rigidly supported;
(iii) Permanently located;
(iv) Effectively insulated from ground by insulators.
(b) You must make sure the insulators are:
(i) Nonporous;
(ii) Noncombustible;
(iii) Kept clean and dry.
(c) You must make sure high voltage leads to electrodes are effectively:
(i) Supported on permanent, suitable insulators;
(ii) Guarded against accidental contact or grounding.
(2) You must make sure transformers, powerpacks, control apparatus, and all other electrical parts of the equipment:
(a) Are located outside the vapor area; or
(b) Meet the requirements of WAC 296-835-12040.


High voltage grids and their connections may be located in the vapor area without meeting the requirements of WAC 296-835-12040.


(3) Safeguard paint detearing operations. You must use approved electrostatic equipment in paint detearing operations.
(4) You must make sure goods being paint deteared are:
(a) Supported on conveyors;
(b) Not manually handled.
(5) You must keep a minimum safe distance (twice the sparking distance) between goods being paint deteared and the electrodes or conductors of the electrostatic equipment at all times by:
(a) Arranging the conveyors to provide the necessary distance;
(b) Supporting the goods to prevent swinging or movement, if necessary.
(6) You must post a sign that shows the minimum safe distance (twice the sparking distance) near the equipment, where it can be easily seen.
(7) You must keep paint detearing operations separate from storage areas and people by using fences, rails or guards that are:
(a) Made of conducting material;
(b) Adequately grounded.
(8) You must protect paint detearing operations from fire by installing:
(a) Automatic sprinklers; or
(b) An approved automatic fire extinguishing system.
(9) You must collect and remove paint deposits by:
(a) Providing removable drip plates and screens;
(b) Cleaning these plates and screens in a safe location.


(10) You must make sure electrostatic equipment has automatic controls that immediately disconnect the power supply to the high-voltage transformer and signal the operator, if:
(a) Ventilating fans or equipment stop or fail for any reason;
(b) Conveyors do not work properly;
(c) A ground (or imminent ground) occurs anywhere in the high-voltage system; or
(d) Goods being paint deteared come within twice the sparking distance of the electrodes or conductors of the equipment.


Wash. Admin. Code § 296-835-13010
Amended by WSR 17-18-075, Filed 9/5/2017, effective 10/6/2017

Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040, and[49.17].050 . 02-15-102, § 296-835-13010, filed 7/17/02, effective 10/1/02.

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