296-876-91010 - Design requirements for mobile ladder stands

296-876-91010. Design requirements for mobile ladder stands

You must ensure:

(1) Steps are uniformly spaced and arranged, with a rise of not more than ten inches (25 cm) and a depth of not less than seven inches (18 cm). The slope of the step stringer to which the steps are attached must not be more than sixty degrees, measured from the horizontal.

(2) Mobile ladder stands with a top step height above ten feet (3 m) have the top step protected on three sides by a handrail with a vertical height of at least thirty-six inches (91 cm); and top steps that are twenty inches (51 cm) or more, front to back, have a midrail and toeboard. Removable gates or nonrigid members, such as chains, may be used instead of handrails in special-use applications.

(3) The standing area of mobile ladder stands is within the base frame.

(Adopted by WSR 20-09-146, Filed 4/21/2020, effective 10/1/2020)

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