298-08-005 - General provisions

298-08-005. General provisions

Be it resolved by the King County leased-tidelands valuation board that:

(1) This board shall be known as "King County leased-tidelands valuation board" and shall operate under the provisions of RCW 79.01.520.

(2) The presiding officer of this board shall be ex officio chairman of the board of county commissioners of King County, Washington, and all notice, process and determinations shall be executed by him.

(3) The secretary of the board and custodian of the board's records shall be ex officio the assessor of King County.

(4) Rules of practice and procedure shall be those set forth in WAC 298-08-010 through 298-08-420.

(5) The seat of hearing shall be at Room 402, King County Courthouse, Seattle, Washington.

(6) All issues of practice and procedure during the conduct of any hearing shall be determined by the chairman. Any member of the board may appeal any such determination to the full board for a final determination by majority vote of the board.

(7) A quorum of the board necessary to hear any matter shall be a majority of its members. The number of members of the board necessary finally to determine any matter shall be a majority of the entire board.

Resolution No. 1, filed 12/13/67.

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