298-08-280 - Presumptions

298-08-280. Presumptions

Upon proof of the predicate facts specified in the following six subdivisions hereof without substantial dispute and by direct, clear, and convincing evidence, the board, with or without prior request or notice, may make the following presumptions, where consistent with all surrounding facts and circumstances:

(1) Continuity. That a fact of a continuous nature, proved to exist at a particular time, continues to exist as of the date of the presumption, if the fact is one which usually exists for at least that period of time;

(2) Identity. That persons and objects of the same name and description are identical;

(3) Delivery. Except in a proceeding where the liability of the carrier for nondelivery is involved, that mail matter, communications, express or freight, properly addressed, marked, billed and delivered respectively to the post office, telegraph, cable or radio company, or authorized common carrier of property with all postage, tolls and charges properly prepaid, is or has been delivered to the addressee or consignee in the ordinary course of business;

(4) Ordinary course. That a fact exists or does not exist, upon proof of the existence or nonexistence of another fact which in the ordinary and usual course of affairs, usually and regularly coexists with the fact presumed;

(5) Acceptance of benefit. That a person for whom an act is done or to whom a transfer is made has, does or will accept same where it is clearly in his own self-interest so to do;

(6) Interference with remedy. That evidence, with respect to a material fact which in bad faith is destroyed, eloigned, suppressed or withheld by a party in control thereof, would if produced, corroborate the evidence of the adversary party with respect to such fact.

Order, § 298-08-280, filed 1/13/70; § 28, filed 12/13/67.

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