30-12-016 - Rosters

30-12-016. Rosters

(1) Staff may establish and manage a roster to address program needs.

(2) Application cycles, forms, guidelines, eligibility requirements, and review criteria are established and published by staff.

(3) The application process is managed pursuant to WAC 30-12-017 (Applications) and applications are reviewed by a panel pursuant to WAC 30-12-030 (Panels).

(4) Staff may eliminate a roster due to changes in priorities, program needs, or resources, subject to the review and approval of the board.

(5) Removal from a roster.

(a) Staff have the authority to remove individuals from a roster for the following reasons:

(i) Individual on the roster fails to inform staff of new contact information;

(ii) Individual on the roster requests to be removed;

(iii) Individual on the roster is deceased;

(iv) Expiration of roster term limit, as published in application guidelines;

(v) Violation of the terms of a commission-related contract;

(vi) If artists are accepted onto a roster as a team and subsequently dissolve the team, all individuals on the team are removed from the roster;

(vii) Any other reason specified in published application guidelines.

(b) Removed individuals may apply for inclusion in the next roster application cycle, except if removed for violation of the terms of a commission-related contract or for other reasons as specified in application guidelines.

(Amended by WSR 18-02-086, Filed 1/2/2018, effective 2/2/2018)

Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.46 RCW. 10-23-102, ยง 30-12-016, filed 11/16/10, effective 12/17/10.

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