30-42-040 - Requirements for certification

30-42-040. Requirements for certification

In order to receive certification as a state-certified creative district, a creative district must:

(1) Be a geographically contiguous area or other approved configuration;

(2) Be distinguished by physical, artistic, or cultural resources that play a vital role in the quality and life of a community, including its economic and cultural development;

(3) Be the site of a concentration of artistic or cultural activity, a major arts or cultural institution or facility, arts and entertainment businesses, an area with arts and cultural activities, or artistic or cultural production;

(4) Be engaged in the promotional, preservation, and educational aspects of the arts and culture of the community and contribute to the public through interpretive, educational, or recreational uses; and

(5) Satisfy any additional criteria required by the commission that in its discretion will further the objectives of creative district certification.

(Adopted by WSR 18-08-043, Filed 3/28/2018, effective 4/28/2018)

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