30-42-050 - Review of creative districts applications, approval and denial

30-42-050. Review of creative districts applications, approval and denial

The commission shall make available electronically the approved application forms, procedures and processes and post to the agency web site.

(1) Upon review of application for certification, the commission shall approve or reject the application. The commission may request additional relevant information at any time during the application, review, and certification process.

(2) Certification is based upon the criteria specified in RCW 43.46.105.

(3) If the commission approves an application for certification, it must notify the applicant in writing and must specify the terms and conditions of the approval.

(4) If an application is denied, the commission shall notify the applicant in writing within thirty days of determination that the application does not meet the state requirements and the applicant cannot meet the state requirements with the information at hand.

(5) Denied applications may reapply, if the deadline for accepting applications has not passed when all of the criteria can be met.

(6) Denied applications may appeal per WAC 30-12-036.

(Adopted by WSR 18-08-043, Filed 3/28/2018, effective 4/28/2018)

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