308-04-010 - Requirements for checks in payment of licenses, certificates, etc. - Penalty

308-04-010. Requirements for checks in payment of licenses, certificates, etc. - Penalty

(1) All checks must be made payable to the state treasurer or department of licensing, except those checks written in payment for transactions through the department's vehicle and vessel licensing agents may be made payable to the county auditor.

(2) State warrants equal to or less than the amount of license fees due shall be accepted when tendered for payment of a department of licensing transaction. If the warrant is less than the amount due, the applicant shall pay the difference by cash, check, or money order.

(3) Checks should be written for the exact amount due and the purpose for which the check is intended should be noted on its face. Overpayments for vehicle transactions will not be accepted.

(4) The drawer's name (licensee) and address should appear upon each check. All dishonored (DHC) checks will be redeposited once. If they fail to clear at the time of the second deposit, the following action will be taken:

(a) The drawer (licensee) will be sent a letter advising him or her that the registration, license, or permit shall be canceled and any other transaction may be canceled for which the DHC had been submitted unless a money order, cash, or cashier's check for the full amount due, including the handling fee, is received within sixty days of the date of this letter.

(b) The failure to pay a license fee or tax due after notice of dishonor has been given will result in cancellation of any service, license, permit, or registration provided.

(5) Checks written on foreign banks and foreign postal money orders (outside of the United States) shall be payable in U.S. dollars.

(Amended by WSR 17-02-060, Filed 1/3/2017, effective 2/3/2017)

Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110 and 43.24.023. 99-01-104, § 308-04-010, filed 12/17/98, effective 1/17/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.230. 86-08-069 (Order 86-1), § 308-04-010, filed 4/1/86; 80-13-002 (Order DOL 592), § 308-04-010, filed 9/4/80; 78-04-040 (Order 487-DOL), § 308-04-010, filed 3/20/78; Rule 1, filed 6/29/67.

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