308-104-080 - Reissue fee - When required

308-104-080. Reissue fee - When required

The driver's license of any person that has been suspended, revoked or denied for any reason shall not be reissued until such person shall pay the required reissue fee; except, that such reissue fee shall not be required when the imposition of the suspension, revocation, or denial was invalid or void or when the suspension, revocation, or denial was imposed because the subject was incompetent to operate a vehicle due to a physical or mental disability, because the subject had failed to attend a driver improvement interview, because the person's filing of proof of financial responsibility for the future had been canceled or terminated, because the person defaulted on an agreement to pay damages resulting from a vehicle accident, or because the person was refused a license due to a suspension, revocation, or denial in another jurisdiction.

Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. 00-18-069, § 308-104-080, filed 9/1/00, effective 10/2/00; 93-22-071, § 308-104-080, filed 11/1/93, effective 12/2/93. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.20.391, 46.01.110 and 46.65.020. 86-07-018 (Order DS 2), § 308-104-080, filed 3/12/86; Order MV-172, § 308-104-080, filed 7/16/73.

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