308-104-150 - Address requests - Terms and fees

308-104-150. Address requests - Terms and fees

Where not otherwise prohibited by law or rule, the department may make available the address of a person whose driving record or identicard record is maintained by the department. A request for an address must be in writing, and must include the full name and the driver's license number or date of birth of the person whose address is requested.

The department shall collect in advance a fee of two dollars for each address requested in a single listing up to and including ten addresses, and fifteen cents for each additional address on that single listing: Provided, That the addresses will be provided to all governmental agencies without charge.

Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. 00-18-070, § 308-104-150, filed 9/1/00, effective 10/2/00; 82-03-046 (Order 668 DOL), § 308-104-150, filed 1/19/82.

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