308-30-130 - Requirements for technologies and technology providers

308-30-130. Requirements for technologies and technology providers

A tamper-evident technology shall comply with these rules:

(1) A technology provider shall enroll only notaries public who have been issued an electronic records notary public endorsement pursuant to WAC 308-30-030.

(2) A technology provider shall take reasonable steps to ensure that a notary public who has enrolled to use the technology has the knowledge to use it to perform electronic notarial acts in compliance with these rules.

(3) A tamper-evident technology shall require access to the system by a password or other secure means of authentication.

(4) A tamper-evident technology shall enable a notary public to affix the notary's electronic signature and seal or stamp in a manner that attributes such signature and seal or stamp to the notary.

(5) A technology provider shall provide prorated fees to align the usage and cost of the tamper-evident technology with the term limit of the notary public electronic records notary public endorsement.

(6) A technology provider shall suspend the use of any tamper-evident technology for any notary public whose endorsement has been revoked, suspended, or canceled by the state of Washington or the notary public.

(Amended by WSR 18-12-028, Filed 5/29/2018, effective 7/1/2018)

Statutory Authority: RCW 42.44.190. 93-05-009, ยง 308-30-130, filed 2/5/93, effective 3/8/93.

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