308-30-290 - Authorized remote notarial acts

308-30-290. Authorized remote notarial acts

(1) A notary public who has received both an electronic records notary public endorsement and a remote notarial acts endorsement from the department may perform the following remote notarial acts:

(a) Taking an acknowledgment;

(b) Taking a verification on oath or affirmation;

(c) Witnessing or attesting a signature;

(d) Certifying or attesting a copy;

(e) Certifying that an event has occurred or an act has been performed; and

(f) Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument, if the notary public is:

(i) Acting under the authority of an attorney who is licensed to practice law in this state or another state; or

(ii) Acting under the authority of a financial institution regulated by this state, another state, or the federal government.

(2) In performing remote notarial acts, a notary public shall comply with all requirements for electronic notarial acts under this chapter.

(Adopted by WSR 21-05-039, Filed 2/11/2021, effective 3/14/2021)

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