308-30-310 - Standards for communication technology

308-30-310. Standards for communication technology

(1) Communication technology for remote notarial acts must provide for synchronous audio-visual feeds of sufficient audio clarity and video resolution to enable the notary public and remotely located individual to see and speak with each other. The process must provide a means for the notary public reasonably to confirm that an electronic record before the notary public is the same record in which the remotely located individual made a statement or on which the remotely located individual executed a signature.

(2) Communication technology must provide reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to:

(a) The live transmission of the audio-visual feeds;

(b) The methods used to perform identify verification; and

(c) The electronic record that is the subject of the remote notarial act.

(3) If a remotely located individual must exit the workflow, the individual must restart the identify verification process required under WAC 308-30-300 from the beginning.

(Adopted by WSR 21-05-039, Filed 2/11/2021, effective 3/14/2021)

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