308-56A-006 - Quick titles-Issuance by subagents

308-56A-006. Quick titles-Issuance by subagents

(1) How may a subagent qualify to issue quick titles under RCW 46.12.555 ?Subagents may issue quick titles under the conditions and procedures established by the department.

(2) May a subagent's authority to issue quick titles be terminated or suspended? Yes, if the department or a vehicle licensing agent finds that a subagent has violated or no longer meets the qualifications or requirements of the department's policy or procedures regarding the issuance of quick titles the vehicle licensing agent may terminate or suspend for any period of time the subagent's authority to issue quick titles.

(Adopted by WSR 14-16-029, Filed 7/25/2014, effective 8/25/2014)

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