308-63-100 - Vehicle wrecker - Must furnish bill of sale for parts

308-63-100. Vehicle wrecker - Must furnish bill of sale for parts

What document must I use to sell a vehicle part? No vehicle wrecker may sell a vehicle part unless the vehicle wrecker gives the purchaser a bill of sale for such part. Whenever the vehicle wrecker sells a motor, frame, or other major component part, except for a core part, the bill of sale must describe the part fully, giving make, model, year, and vehicle identification number or yard number of the vehicle from which the part was taken.

No vehicle wrecker may sell vehicles to a scrap processor or to a hulk hauler for transportation to a scrap processor without giving the scrap processor or the hulk hauler an invoice or bill of sale listing each vehicle by yard number. The vehicle wrecker must retain a copy of such invoices for inspection purposes.

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