308-96A-072 - Square dancer license plates

308-96A-072. Square dancer license plates

(1) Who may apply for square dancer license plates? A registered owner of a vehicle may apply to the department and receive, in lieu of regular vehicle license plates, special square dancer license plates bearing a symbol of square dancers.

(2)What vehicles may display square dancer license plates? Square dancer license plates may be issued for vehicles required to display two license plates, except those vehicles licensed under the provisions of chapter 46.87 RCW.

(3)Are special license fees required for square dancer license plates? A special license plate fee of forty dollars, in addition to all other appropriate fees and taxes, is collected for each set of square dancer license plates issued.

(4)How does the department define "current license plate registration"? For the purposes of this section, a current license plate registration is defined as: A registration that has not expired or a registration where it is less than one year past the expiration date.

(Amended by WSR 15-10-005, Filed 4/22/2015, effective 5/23/2015)

If the license plate has been reported as stolen or if the department record indicates the vehicle has been stolen, the same number and letter combination will not be issued.

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