314-02-010 - Definitions

314-02-010. Definitions

The following definitions are to clarify the purpose and intent of the rules and laws governing liquor licenses and permits. Additional definitions can be found in RCW 66.04.010.

(1) "Adjacent" means having a common endpoint or border where the extension of the property lines of the licensed premises contacts that common border.

(2) "Appetizer" means a small portion of food served before the main course of a meal to stimulate the appetite. An appetizer does not qualify as minimum food service.

(3) "Banquet room" means any room used primarily for the sale and service of food and liquor to private groups.

(4) "Customer service area" means areas where food and/or liquor are normally sold and served to the public, i.e., lounges and dining areas. A banquet room is not considered a customer service area.

(5) "Dedicated dining area." In order for an area to qualify as a dedicated dining area, it must be a distinct portion inside of a restaurant that is used primarily for the sale, service, and consumption of food, and have accommodations for eating, e.g., tables, chairs, booths, etc. See WAC 314-02-025 for more information.

(6) "Designated area" means a space where alcohol may be sold, served, or consumed.

(7) "Entertainer" means someone who performs for an audience such as a disc jockey, singer, or comedian, or anyone providing entertainment services for the licensee. An entertainer is considered an employee of the liquor licensee per WAC 314-01-005. Patrons participating in entertainment are not considered employees.

(8) "Entertainment" means dancing, karaoke, singing, comedy shows, concerts, TV broadcasts, contests with patron participation and/or performing for an audience.

(9) "Food counter" means a table or counter set up for the primary purpose of food service to customers who sit or stand at the counter. Any alcohol served is incidental to food service.

(10) "Game room" means an area of a business set up for the primary purpose of patrons using games or gaming devices.

(11) "Limited food service" means items such as appetizers, sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza, hamburgers, or fry orders.

(12) "Liquor bar" means a table or counter where alcohol is stored or prepared and served to customers who sit or stand at the bar. Liquor bars can only be in lounges or in premises where minors are not allowed at any time.

(13) "Lounge" means the portion of a restaurant used primarily for the preparation, sale, and service of beer, wine, or spirits. Minors are not allowed in a lounge (see RCW 66.44.316 for information on employees and professional musicians under twenty-one years of age).

(14) "Minimum food service" means items such as sandwiches, salad, soup, pizza, hamburgers, and fry orders.

(15) "Minor" means a person under twenty-one years of age.

(16) "On-premises liquor licensed premises" means a building in which a business is located inside that is allowed to sell alcohol for consumption on the licensed premises.

(17) "Service bar" means a fixed or portable table, counter, cart, or similar work station primarily used to prepare, mix, serve, and sell alcohol that is picked up by employees or customers. Customers may not be seated or allowed to consume food or alcohol at a service bar.

(18) "Snack food" means items such as peanuts, popcorn, and chips.

(Amended by WSR 17-12-030, Filed 5/31/2017, effective 7/1/2017)

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