314-12-015 - Receipt of liquor laws/rules summary

314-12-015. Receipt of liquor laws/rules summary

Upon issuance of a liquor license under chapter 66.24 RCW, every licensee shall be issued a guide on liquor laws, regulations, and other pertinent information. Every licensee or designee of a licensee shall be required to sign a form provided by the board acknowledging receipt of the guide. The issuance of the guide to the licensee and the receipt of the licensee's signed acknowledgement signifies that the licensee is aware of the basic liquor law requirements and is able to operate their liquor business in such a fashion as to protect the public health, welfare and safety.

Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. 93-15-027, § 314-12-015, filed 7/12/93, effective 8/12/93; 92-14-024, § 314-12-015, filed 6/22/92, effective 7/23/92.

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