314-12-146 - Private label spirits

314-12-146. Private label spirits

Distillers, crafter distillers, spirit certificate of approval holders, and manufacturers of spirits may produce private label spirits for on-premises and off-premises spirits retailers under the following conditions:

(1) There may be no exclusivity between the producer and the retailer for the private label spirit product. The spirit product must be reasonably available to all spirits retailers licensed to sell spirits;

(2) A copy of the contract between the producer and the spirits retailer for all private label spirits products must be available to the board for inspection; and

(3) The distiller, craft distiller, spirit certificate of approval holder, or manufacturer of spirits must submit a TTB certificate of label approval for each private label produced to the board for review.

(Adopted by WSR 18-08-091, Filed 4/4/2018, effective 5/5/2018)

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