314-55-018 - Prohibited practices-Money advances-Contracts-Gifts-Rebates, discounts, and exceptions, etc

314-55-018. Prohibited practices-Money advances-Contracts-Gifts-Rebates, discounts, and exceptions, etc

(1) No industry member or licensee shall enter into any agreement which causes undue influence over another licensee or industry member. This rule shall not be construed as prohibiting the placing and accepting of orders for the purchase and delivery of marijuana that are made in accordance with usual and common business practice and that are otherwise in compliance with chapter 69.50 RCW and this chapter.

(2) No marijuana producer or processor shall advance and no marijuana licensee shall receive money or moneys' worth under an agreement written or unwritten or by means of any other business practice or arrangement such as:

(a) Gifts;

(b) Discounts;

(c) Loans of money;

(d) Premiums;

(e) Rebates;

(f) Free product of any kind except as allowed by WAC 314-55-096 and RCW 69.50.585; or

(g) Treats or services of any nature whatsoever except such services as are authorized in this section and under RCW 69.50.585.

(3) "Industry member" means a licensed marijuana producer, marijuana processor, marijuana retailer, marijuana transportation licensee, marijuana research licensee, their authorized representatives, and including, but not limited to, any affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, partners, financiers, agents, employees, and representatives of any licensee.

(4) Consistent with WAC 314-55-017, no industry member or employee thereof shall sell to any marijuana licensee or solicit from any such licensee any order for any marijuana tied in with, or contingent upon, the licensee's purchase of some other marijuana, or any other merchandise, paraphernalia, property, or service.

(5) If the WSLCB finds in any instance that any licensee has violated this section, then all licensees involved in the violation shall be held equally responsible .

(Adopted by WSR 15-11-107, Filed 5/20/2015, effective 6/20/2015 Amended by WSR 16-11-110, Filed 5/18/2016, effective 6/18/2016 Amended by WSR 18-22-055, Filed 10/31/2018, effective 12/1/2018)

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