314-55-079 - Marijuana retailer license-Privileges, requirements, and fees

314-55-079. Marijuana retailer license-Privileges, requirements, and fees

(1) A marijuana retailer license allows the licensee to sell only useable marijuana, marijuana concentrates, marijuana-infused products, marijuana paraphernalia, and lockable boxes to store marijuana at retail in licensed retail outlets to persons twenty-one years of age and older, except as allowed for persons under twenty-one years of age consistent with RCW 69.50.357 and WAC 314-55-080.

(2) The WSLCB may accept applications for marijuana retail licenses at time frames published on its web site at www.lcb.wa.gov. Using estimated consumption data and population data obtained from the office of financial management (OFM) population data, the WSLCB will determine the maximum number of marijuana retail locations per county.

(a) The number of retail locations will be determined using a method that distributes the number of locations proportionate to the most populous cities within each county and to accommodate the medical needs of qualifying patients and designated providers. Locations not assigned to a specific city will be at large. At large locations can be used for unincorporated areas in the county or in cities within the county that have no retail licenses designated.

(b) The number of retail licenses determined by the board can be found on the WSLCB web site at www.lcb.wa.gov.

(3) Any entity and/or principals within any entity are limited to no more than five retail marijuana licenses.

(4) Application and license fees.

(a) The application fee for a marijuana retailer's license is two hundred fifty dollars. The applicant is responsible for fees required by the approved vendor for fingerprint evaluation.

(b) The annual fee for issuance and renewal of a marijuana retailer license is one thousand three hundred eighty-one dollars. The WSLCB will conduct random criminal history checks at the time of renewal that will require the licensee to submit fingerprints for evaluation from the approved vendor. The licensee is responsible for all fees required for the criminal history checks.

(5) Internet sales and delivery of product to customers are prohibited.

(6) Sales of marijuana-infused products not permissible under WAC 314-55-077 are prohibited.

(7) Marijuana retailers may not sell marijuana products below the current acquisition cost.

(8) All marijuana products must be stored behind a counter or other barrier to ensure a customer does not have direct access to the product.

(9) A marijuana retailer may not sell lockable boxes for less than the cost of acquisition or sell boxes received as a donation. The donation of lockable boxes must come from a person or entity that is not a licensed marijuana producer, processor, or retailer.

(10) Marijuana retailer licensees are allowed to have a maximum of four months of their average inventory on their licensed premises at any given time.

(11) A marijuana retailer may transport product to other locations operated by the licensee or to return product to a marijuana processor as outlined in WAC 314-55-085.

(12) A marijuana retailer may accept returns of open marijuana products. Products must be returned in their original packaging with the lot, batch, or inventory ID number fully legible.

(13) A marijuana retailer may dispose of marijuana products as provided in WAC 314-55-097.

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