314-55-502 - Notice of correction

314-55-502. Notice of correction

(1) The board may issue a notice of correction to a licensee during a nontechnical assistance inspection or visit as described in this chapter if the board becomes aware of conditions that are not in compliance with chapters 69.50 and 69.51A RCW, and this chapter.

(2) The notice of correction must include and clearly state:

(a) A detailed description of the noncompliant condition;

(b) The text of the specific section or subsection of the applicable rule;

(c) A statement of what is required to achieve compliance;

(d) The date by which the board requires compliance to be achieved;

(e) Notice of the means to contact any technical assistance services provided by the board or others; and

(f) Notice of when, where, and to whom a request to extend the time to achieve compliance for good cause may be filed with the board.

(3) A notice of correction is not a formal enforcement action, is not subject to appeal, and is a public record.

(4) If the licensee does not comply with the notice of correction, the board may issue an administrative violation notice consistent with WAC 314-55-505 for the violations identified in the notice of correction.

(Adopted by WSR 20-03-177, Filed 1/22/2020, effective 2/22/2020)

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