326-02-033 - State agency and educational institution fees

326-02-033. State agency and educational institution fees

The office shall charge a fee to each state agency and educational institution to assist in the support of the state's minority and women's business enterprise program. The fee will be apportioned according to the state agency and educational institution's expenditure level of funds which are subject to chapter 39.19 RCW and Title 326 WAC.

State agency and educational institution's charges that are five-hundred dollars or less will be billed once in a biennium. Charges over five hundred dollars will be billed at least yearly to limit administrative expenditures. The office will submit invoices to state agencies and educational institutions and payments will be due on or before July 15 unless, the state agency or educational institution is billed more frequently than yearly.

Statutory Authority: 1993 c 195. 93-16-080, ยง 326-02-033, filed 8/3/93, effective 9/3/93.

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