326-02-050 - Penalties which may be imposed

326-02-050. Penalties which may be imposed

(1) The penalties under this section may be imposed by the office, or by the state agency or educational institution administering a contract or procurement within which a violation occurs. Nothing in chapter 39.19 RCW or this title prevents the state agency or educational institution administering the contract from pursuing any procedures or sanctions as are otherwise provided by statute, rule, or contract provision.

(2) Penalties which may be imposed include one or more of the following:

(a) Withhold payment until the violation is remedied;

(b) Debarment from contracting with the state for up to one year; debarment for up to three years may be imposed for willful repeated violations, exceeding a single violation;

(c) Suspension of the contract;

(d) Termination of the contract;

(e) Immediate suspension of the certification of a certified firm;

(f) Payment of civil penalties of up to five thousand dollars for each violation or up to ten percent of the amount of the contract; or

(g) Decertification or denial of certification.

(3) Penalties may be imposed on one or more individuals, partnerships, associations, organizations, corporations, cooperatives, legal representatives, trustees and receivers, or any group of persons.

(4) Penalties shall be imposed by the office giving a written notice which is either served personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person or business incurring the penalty. Except for suspension of certification, which is covered by WAC 326-02-090, the notice of the civil penalty shall be a final order of the office unless, within fifteen days after the notice is served, the person incurring the penalty appeals the penalty by filing a notice of appeal with the office.

(5) If a notice of appeal is filed in a timely manner, the office shall conduct a brief adjudicative proceeding as outlined in chapter 326-08 WAC.

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