326-02-060 - Factors considered in determining penalties

326-02-060. Factors considered in determining penalties

In determining the nature of the penalty and monetary amount, if any, of a penalty to be imposed, the factors which may be considered include, but are not limited to:

(1) The potential harm to the certified or noncertified business;

(2) Potential harm to the state, due to delay or other problems;

(3) The potential for harm to the public;

(4) Whether the violation occurs in the context of particular contract;

(5) The stage or percent of completion of a contract at which the violation occurs;

(6) The timing of the discovery of the violation;

(7) The contracting history of the alleged violator;

(8) The extent to which the alleged violator has cooperated with the investigation;

(9) Whether there have been previous violations by the person.

Statutory Authority: RCW 39.19.030(7). 92-11-007, § 326-02-060, filed 5/11/92, effective 6/11/92. Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.19 RCW. 88-22-017 (Order 88-9), § 326-02-060, filed 10/24/88.

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