332-120-040 - Monument removal or destruction

332-120-040. Monument removal or destruction

(1) All land boundary survey monuments that are removed or destroyed shall be replaced or witness monuments shall be set to perpetuate the survey point.

(2) A land boundary survey corner shall be referenced to the Washington plane coordinate system as established and designated by chapter 58.20 RCW, prior to removal or destruction. See WAC 332-130-070(2), land boundary survey standards.

An applicant may request a variance from this referencing requirement by so noting in the applicant information section on the permit and providing the justification on the back of the form. The department shall note whether the variance is approved or not approved and shall provide the reason for not approving the request.

(Amended by WSR 20-20-069, Filed 10/1/2020, effective 11/1/2020)

Statutory Authority: Chapter 58.24 RCW. 05-13-104, § 332-120-040, filed 6/17/05, effective 7/18/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 58.24.040(8). 94-06-034 (Order 617), § 332-120-040, filed 2/25/94, effective 3/28/94; Order 131, § 332-120-040, filed 3/1/72, effective 4/7/72.

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