332-14-270 - Exploration reports - Confidentiality

332-14-270. Exploration reports - Confidentiality

A coal option contract holder or a coal mining lessee shall submit a semi-annual report to the department of all geophysical, geologic and qualitative coal data, analyses and maps which are gathered or prepared during exploration activities on the premises. This report shall include sampling information, geologic, geophysical and driller's logs and all analytical results. Sampling or drilling points shall be referenced by bearing and distances from identifiable land marks or by legal description. Such data, analyses or maps shall be confidential and not available for public inspection or copying for five years from the date of filing the report.

Statutory Authority: RCW 79.01.668. 85-10-040 (Order 443), ยง 332-14-270, filed 4/29/85.

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