332-22-180 - Geothermal resources lease - Plan of development

332-22-180. Geothermal resources lease - Plan of development

An applicant for a geothermal resources lease shall submit a plan of development to the department for approval with the lease application and every five years thereafter. The plan of development shall describe all activities, improvements, or other actions that will contribute to the exploration, development, or production of the property for the next five years, including scheduled dates for completion.

One hundred and twenty days before each five-year anniversary date, the lessee shall deliver to the department, for its approval, a detailed plan of development which incorporates the results of operations from the previous five years.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 79.12 RCW, as amended by ESB [EHB] 1277 and RCW 79.01.242. 92-06-003, ยง 332-22-180, filed 2/20/92, effective 3/22/92.

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