352-60-030 - Personal flotation devices required

352-60-030. Personal flotation devices required

No person shall operate or permit the operation of a vessel on the waters of the state unless the vessel has on board United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices as follows:

(1) Vessels less than sixteen feet (4.9 meters) in length, and canoes and kayaks of any length, must have one Type I, II, or III PFD of the proper size for each person on board.

(2) Vessels sixteen feet (4.9 meters) or more in length, except a canoe or kayak, must have one Type I, II, or III wearable PFD of the proper size for each person on board and, in addition, one Type IV throwable PFD.

(3) Alternate PFD requirement. A United States Coast Guard approved Type V PFD may be carried in lieu of any required PFD under this section if it is approved for the activity in which the vessel is engaged in and used in compliance with requirements on the approval label.

(4) Stowage and condition. All personal flotation devices required by this section shall be readily accessible to all persons on board and be in good and serviceable condition. All devices shall be approved by the United States Coast Guard and marked in compliance with Coast Guard standards.

(5) Exemptions. Racing shells, rowing sculls and racing kayaks are exempt from the requirements of this section provided they are manually propelled, recognized by a national or international racing association and designed solely for competitive racing.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.400, 88.12.065, 88.12.125, 88.12.245 and chapter 33, C.F.R. Part 175.15. 94-16-027, § 352-60-030, filed 7/25/94, effective 8/25/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.400. 84-11-057 (Order 79), § 352-60-030, filed 5/18/84.

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