365-210-062 - Manufactured home installer recertification - Application process

365-210-062. Manufactured home installer recertification - Application process

A certified manufactured home installer desiring to be recertified as a manufactured home installer under RCW 43.63B.040 must first file with the department a recertification application on a form prescribed by the department.

(1) The recertification application must be hand-delivered to the department or postmarked no later than midnight on the date of expiration of an installer's current certification.

(2) The recertification application must be accompanied by the recertification fee specified in WAC 365-210-063.

(3) If a certified installer fails to apply for recertification prior to the expiration of the installer's current certification, the installer must reapply for installer certification and meet all requirements for installer certification as set forth in chapter 43.63B RCW and this chapter.

(4) Before a new certification is issued, the certified installer must provide proof to the department that the certified installer has met the continuing education requirements set forth in this chapter.

(5) The department will attempt to notify installers prior to expiration; however, it is the installer's responsibility to ensure timely recertification.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.63B.005, [43.63B.]020,[43.63B.]040, [43.63B.]060, [43.63B.]035, [43.63B.]090,[43.63B.]800, 43.330.040. 03-07-035, ยง 365-210-062, filed 3/13/03, effective 4/13/03.

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