365-210-063 - Fees - Refunds

365-210-063. Fees - Refunds

The following fees are payable to the department in advance:

Training and certification


Training only


Late application




Continuing education class


Retake failed examination and training:

First retake


Subsequent retakes


Manufactured home installer certification manual


Installer certification tag


(1) The department shall refund fees paid for training and certification or recertification as a manufactured home installer if the application is denied for failure of the applicant to comply with the requirements of chapter 43.63B RCW or these rules.

(2) If an applicant has paid fees to attend training or to take an examination and is unable to attend the scheduled training or examination, the applicant may:

(a) Change to another scheduled training and examination; or

(b) Request a refund.

(3) An applicant who fails the examination shall not be entitled to a refund.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.63B.005, [43.63B.]020,[43.63B.]040, [43.63B.]060, [43.63B.]035, [43.63B.]090,[43.63B.]800, 43.330.040. 03-07-035, ยง 365-210-063, filed 3/13/03, effective 4/13/03.

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