365-90-060 - Responsibilities of eligible jurisdictions

365-90-060. Responsibilities of eligible jurisdictions

Eligible jurisdictions are responsible for complying with the legislative intent of the bordertowns program as cited in RCW 43.63A.190. The legislative intent shall be met by the following:

(1) Utilization of funds to augment and maintain existing levels of local police service.

(2) Utilization of funds for the procurement of law enforcement personnel, equipment or activities within the local police department which will be directly rendered in the control or curtailment of border related traffic and criminal problems. Funds are not appropriated for the purpose of increasing existing police personnel salaries, wages, or benefits, except that funds may be used to pay existing and/or new police personnel for overtime work.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.63A.190. 83-22-037 (Order 83-08), ยง 365-90-060, filed 10/27/83.

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