383-06-040 - Duties of productivity board staff

383-06-040. Duties of productivity board staff

(1) The program manager shall be responsible and accountable to the board for the administration of the program, and shall:

(a) Attend all meetings of the board and ensure an official record of its actions.

(b) Propose policies, rules, and regulations appropriate for the administration of the program.

(2) Productivity board staff shall:

(a) Report to agencies about implemented suggestions, indicating those requiring a post audit.

(b) Establish and maintain records showing the use and effectiveness of the system, including the participation rate and results of involved agencies.

(c) Support agencies regarding program promotion and participation through such things as training, technical assistance, etc.

(d) Perform other duties as required by the board.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.60 RCW. 99-24-093, § 383-06-040, filed 11/30/99, effective 1/1/00; 86-04-039 (Order 85-1), § 383-06-040, filed 1/30/86; 83-15-063 (Order 831), § 383-06-040, filed 7/20/83.

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