Wash. Admin. Code § 388-450-0065 - Gifts - Cash and noncash

Current through Register Vol. 21-18, September 15, 2021

A gift is an item furnished to a client without work or cost on his or her part.

(1) A cash gift is a gift that is furnished as money, cash, checks or any other readily negotiable form.
(a) For cash assistance , cash gifts totaling no more than thirty dollars per calendar quarter for each assistance unit member are disregarded as income.
(b) For food assistance programs:
(i) Cash gifts to the assistance unit are excluded if they total thirty dollars or less per quarter;
(ii) Cash gifts in excess of thirty dollars per quarter are counted in full as unearned income.
(2) For cash assistance and food assistance, a noncash gift is treated as a resource.
(a) If the gift is a countable resource, its value is added to the value of the client's existing countable resources and the client's eligibility is redetermined as specified in chapter 388-470 WAC.
(b) If the gift is an excluded or noncountable resource, it does not affect the client's eligibility or benefit level.


Wash. Admin. Code § 388-450-0065
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