Wash. Admin. Code § 388-891A-0940 - What must be included on the individualized plan for employment?

An IPE must include:

(1) An employment outcome that is consistent with the definition of an employment outcome in WAC 388-891A-0010(4), except that in the case of an eligible individual who is a student or youth with a disability, the employment outcome may be a description of the individual's projected post-school employment outcome;
(2) The VR services you need to achieve the employment outcome;
(3) Timelines for each service on your IPE and for achieving the employment outcome;
(4) The name of the person or organization selected to provide each service included on the IPE and how you will obtain the services;
(5) Criteria you will use to evaluate whether you are making the progress agreed upon by you and the DVR counselor toward achieving the employment outcome;
(6) Terms and conditions, including:
(a) A description of what DVR has agreed to do to support your IPE; and
(b) A description of what you have agreed to do to reach your employment outcome, including:
(i) Steps you will take to achieve your desired employment outcome;
(ii) If applicable, services you agree to help pay for and how much you agree to pay; and
(iii) Services you agree to apply for and use that are available to you at no cost from another program;
(7) If you receive assistance from an employment network under the ticket to work and self-sufficiency program established under section 1148 of the Social Security Act ( 42 U.S.C. 1320b-19 ), a description of how responsibility for service delivery will be divided between the employment network and DVR;
(8) If you receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), supplementary security income (SSI), or both, and you have not received benefits planning services prior to developing your IPE, your DVR counselor may include benefits planning services in your IPE at the following times:
(a) Before job search activities begin; and
(b) Before you accept a job offer;
(9) Expected need for post-employment services and service providers necessary to maintain or regain employment prior to closing the case service record and, if appropriate, a statement of how post-employment services are arranged using comparable services and benefits;
(10) An IPE that includes a supported employment outcome must also document:
(a) Time-limited support services to be provided;
(b) Extended services or natural supports that are likely to be needed;
(c) Who will provide and pay for natural supports or extended services or if you and DVR cannot identify who will provide and pay for extended services or natural supports at the time the IPE is developed, the IPE must include a statement explaining the basis for determining that a resource is likely to become available;
(d) A goal for the number of hours per week you are going to work and a plan to monitor your progress toward meeting the goal;
(e) A description of how the services on your IPE are coordinated with other federal or state services you get under an individualized plan;
(f) That any job skills training will be provided on-site;
(g) A supported employment outcome in an integrated setting for the maximum number of hours possible based on your unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice;
(11) An IPE for a student with a disability, as defined in WAC 388-891A-0010(16) must also document:
(a) The pre-employment transition services necessary for achieving the individual's employment outcome or projected post-school employment outcome;
(b) The specific transition services and supports needed to achieve the individual's employment outcome or projected post-school employment outcome; and
(c) Coordination, to the extent possible, with an individualized education program, to achieve the goals and objectives and provide the services identified; and
(12) An IPE for a self-employment outcome must also document:
(a) Any approved start-up costs;
(b) Any identified self-employment consultant services;
(c) Specific timeframes for monitoring progress;
(d) The monthly financial reporting requirements such as income and expenses statements;
(e) The agreed upon steps that will be taken if satisfactory progress is not made including the conditions that would result in discontinuing DVR support;
(f) How you and the DVR counselor will handle unforeseen expenses that arise after the IPE is signed; and
(g) The closure criteria, including the agreed upon income level that is consistent with the projections outlined in the business plan.


Wash. Admin. Code § 388-891A-0940
Adopted by WSR 18-12-035, Filed 5/29/2018, effective 6/30/2018

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