400-04-510 - Public notice

400-04-510. Public notice

When these rules require notice to be given under this section, the partnership shall inform the public and other agencies that an environmental document is being prepared or is available, and public hearing(s), if any, will be held by the following notice procedures:

(1) Publish notice in at least one newspaper of general circulation in each county, city, or general area in which the proposal is located or which the proposal affects;

(2) Notifying the news media via news releases, public service announcements and personal contact; and

(3) Sending notice to the official partnership mailing list. The official partnership list shall be kept on file and be available for inspection by the public. Individual members of the partnership's advisory bodies shall receive notice.

(4) Any other of the notice procedures listed in WAC 197-11-510, as appropriate.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.71 RCW. 10-12-009, § 400-04-510, filed 5/20/10, effective 6/20/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. 86-04-054 (Order 86-01, Resolution No. 4), § 400-04-510, filed 2/3/86.

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