400-06-150 - Protection of public records

400-06-150. Protection of public records

(1) No person shall knowingly alter, deface, or destroy public records of the partnership.

(2) Original copies of public records of the partnership shall not be removed from the offices of the partnership.

(3) Care and safekeeping of public records of the partnership, furnished pursuant to a request for inspection or copying, shall be the sole responsibility of the requestor.

(4) Records furnished for public inspection or copying shall be returned in good condition and in the same file sequence or organization as when furnished.

(5) Boisterous or otherwise disruptive conduct by those requesting public records of the partnership shall not be permitted.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.71 RCW. 10-12-009, § 400-06-150, filed 5/20/10, effective 6/20/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.17.250 through 42.17.320, 1985 c 451 and chapter 90.70 RCW. 86-04-055 (Order 86-02, Resolution No. 5), § 400-06-150, filed 2/3/86.

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