463-26-025 - Public informational meeting

463-26-025. Public informational meeting

The council shall conduct at least one public informational meeting concerning each application. At this meeting, the council will present the general procedure to be followed in processing the application including a tentative sequence of council actions, the rights and methods of participation by local government in the process, and the means and opportunities for the general public to participate.

(1) The applicant shall make a presentation of the proposed project utilizing appropriate exhibits. The presentation shall include: A general description of the project and the proposed site; reasons why the proposed site or location was selected; and a summary of anticipated environmental, social, and economic impacts.

(2) The general public shall be afforded an opportunity to present written or oral comments relating to the proposed project. The comments may become part of the adjudicative proceeding record.

(3) The informational meeting shall be held in the general proximity of the proposed project as soon as practicable within sixty days after receipt of an application for site certification.

Statutory Authority: RCW 80.50.040(1) and (12). 04-21-013, ยง 463-26-025, filed 10/11/04, effective 11/11/04.

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