468-105-050 - Establishing affected project area

468-105-050. Establishing affected project area

(1) Public comment on initial affected project area. The department shall conduct a minimum thirty-day public comment period on the definition of each initial affected project area boundary.

(2) LIC recommendation on affected project area. The LIC shall review the public comments. The LIC shall recommend adjustments to the geographic boundary of the initial affected project area based upon the public comment. Adjustments to the geographic boundary shall be established by precinct. The LIC may also recommend adjustments to the membership of the LIC based upon any recommended boundary adjustments.

(3) Final boundaries of affected project area. Within fourteen calendar days after the close of the public comment period and a recommendation from the LIC, the department shall establish the final boundaries of the affected project area in units no smaller than a precinct as defined in RCW 29.01.120.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.46 RCW. 97-14-037, § 468-105-050, filed 6/26/97, effective 7/27/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.46.030(3) -(11). 96-03-107, § 468-105-050, filed 1/23/96, effective 2/23/96.

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