468-105-060 - Project description

468-105-060. Project description

(1) Proposed project description. A draft project description shall be developed by the department based upon the preferred alternative.

(2) LIC recommendation on project description. The department shall provide the project description to the LIC. The LIC shall recommend changes to the content of the project description, if any, so that the department may prepare the final project description.

(3) Publication of project description. The department shall publish the project description in newspapers of general circulation in each county lying in whole or in part within the affected project area for a period of seven calendar days.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.46 RCW. 97-14-037, § 468-105-060, filed 6/26/97, effective 7/27/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 47.46.030(3) -(11). 96-03-107, § 468-105-060, filed 1/23/96, effective 2/23/96.

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