468-310-090 - Notification and opportunity for a hearing

468-310-090. Notification and opportunity for a hearing

Notification of the department's intent to (1) refuse to prequalify a contractor, (2) refuse to renew a contractor's prequalification certificate, or (3) revoke a contractor's prequalification certificate will be made in writing and will be served upon the contractor by mail, properly addressed with postage prepaid. The intended action set forth in the written notification shall become final unless the contractor serves on the assistant secretary for marine transportation, a written request for a hearing thereon within 10 days after receipt of the notification. Upon receipt of such a request, the department shall afford the contractor a hearing in accordance with chapter 34.04 RCW relating to contested cases.

Statutory Authority: 1983 c 133. 83-19-014 (Order 84), ยง 468-310-090, filed 9/12/83.

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