468-601-020 - Competitive selection process

468-601-020. Competitive selection process

When entering into lease agreements with private vendors for retail concessionaire or franchise services at its park and ride lots, WSDOT shall conduct a competitive and transparent procurement process. The selection process shall comply with all applicable state laws and policies that govern WSDOT. All solicitation documents shall clearly indicate the process to be followed including, but not limed to, the following:

. Notification of solicitation via the Washington electronic business solution (WEBS) web site;

. Appointment of a procurement coordinator;

. A schedule of procurement activities;

. Proposer/submitter question and answer period;

. Public notification of apparently successful proposer/submitter;

. An optional proposer/submitter debrief; and

. Complaint and protest procedures.

Statutory Authority: RCW 47.04.295. 13-12-070, ยง 468-601-020, filed 6/5/13, effective 7/6/13.

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