468-85-210 - Community context

468-85-210. Community context

The comprehensive plan shall describe the community context of the public transit services. This context shall include:

(1) Demographics according to the most recent census:

(a) Distribution of persons aged sixty-five years and older;

(b) Distribution of persons aged six to eighteen years;

(c) Location of concentrations of any ethnic minorities;

(d) Location of concentrations of low-income households; and

(e) Automobile ownership by household;

(2) Location of significant destinations, including:

(a) Employment centers with more than fifty employees;

(b) Schools, colleges and universities;

(c) Shopping centers with five or more shopping opportunities;

(d) Medical clinics and hospitals;

(e) Public parks;

(f) City halls;

(g) County courthouses;

(h) Airports with scheduled air passenger service; and

(i) Passenger rail stations;

(3) Public transportation operations within the boundaries of and three miles beyond the transit district, including:

(a) Intercity bus carriers;

(b) Rail passenger service;

(c) Municipally operated public transit service;

(d) School pupil transportation; and

(e) Specialized transportation for elderly or low-income persons, and persons with disabilities;

(4) An explanation of how the proposed public transit service will serve destinations contained in subsection (2) of this section and integrate with elements contained in subsection (3) of this section;

(5) A discussion of future annexations to the public transportation benefit area.

Statutory Authority: RCW 36.57A.150. 98-11-046 (Order 176), § 468-85-210, filed 5/18/98, effective 6/18/98; 80-01-029 (Order 42), § 468-85-210, filed 12/17/79.

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